Computer Sales & Servcies
We managed IT infrastructure operations for more than 1000 customers over the past two decades ó thatís included nearly 50 complex IT transformations and Thousands of critical devices and issues, We are a leading IT Infrastructure and service provider, delivering end-to-end solutions for our clients: Networking (Windows, Netware & Linux), system integration, printer servicing and maintenance, hardware and software sales, PC sales, Laptops, network server sales and support. We work according to the clients clients requirements and need that at the end provides the customized solutions to the clients.

About Us
Broadband Services
We are in to broadband services since 2002 in twin cites Hyderabad and Secuderabad.Optical Fibre Cables are finding wide application in long distance communication networks. High bandwidth applications make use of optical fibre cable requisite. The fibre scores over the conventional copper based network with its superior characteristics.
Dedicated Lease Line
Lines Businesses depend on secure and reliable internet for efficient operations. Which is why, We offers customized solutions to businesses, providing dedicated fiber lines straight to your office, Network Digital feed from the Head End is carried using TELCO Fibers to multiple locations and in turn to local cable operators. We already deployed the best technology FTTH (Fiber to the Home) for network. To meet not only the demands of today but upgraded demands of the future keeping in mind the fast paced technical up-gradations in the Telecom industry Introduction of Broadband Technology, we are already fully equipped to meet all futuristic requirements of customers.